accounting assignment代写:预算可能

2016-12-28 14:45

It enables the management of a business concern to conduct its business activities in the efficient manner. It provides a yardstick for measuring and evaluating the performance of individuals and their departments. It reveals the deviations to management, from the budgeted figures after making a comparison with actual figure. Effective utilization of various resources like men, material, machinery and money is made possible, as the production is planned after taking them into account. It helps in the review of current trends and framing of future policies. It creates suitable conditions for the implementation of standard costing system in a business organization. It inculcates the feeling of cost consciousness among workers.
Budgets may or may not be true, as they are based on estimates. The assumptions about future events may or may not actually happen. Rigidity: Budgets are considered as rigid document. Too much emphasis on budgets may affect day-to-day operations and ignores the dynamic state of organizational functioning. False Sense of Security: Mere budgeting cannot lead to profitability. Budgets cannot be executed automatically. It may create a false sense of security that everything has been taken care of in the budgets. Lack of coordination: Staff cooperation is usually not available during Budgetary Control exercise. Time and Cost: The introduction and implementation of the system may be expensive.