2017-05-22 00:42

In todays era of globalization and human interdependent interaction between one another, the ability to converse and communicate in the English language has become extremely important and cannot be denied since it is becoming the lingua franca of the world spoken everywhere. With the advancement in technology, the importance of English has become easy and readily available in many aspects of everyday life in the form of education, economy and social perspective. Inability to possess this form of acquired skill will result in miscommunication in various levels that can lead to misinterpretation and communication breakdown. Miscommunication could occur with business partners and deals go bad, while in extreme cases whereby diplomatic relationship between countries goes sour and affects each countries diplomatic tie with one another. In turn, leads to scenarios where the immediate ramifications of miscommunication between countries are the businesses, investments and tourisms will be severely affected. Therefore, it is undeniable that the significance of good communication skill has a tremendous impact on a country as a whole.It is in the best interest to the nation of any country to start teaching English in the early years of a student education due to young children capacity to learn English as their second language is much better than that of their adult counterparts. Hence, it is only logical that the acquisition of English language starts at its grassroots via learning in a conducive classroom taught by a qualified ESL teacher. In order to teach English as the second language and promote learning, an effective teacher may have a number of approaches that can influence and assist their students' English language learning through the form of interaction and participation
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