2017-04-05 00:28

Differing views of the reports have been sought to ensure an objective approach. Much of the media reaction to the findings of the reports was negative and whilst such reaction, particularly from elements of the right wing press may not have represented a balanced view it is represented in this dissertation to provide a wide-ranging and objective analysis. Likewise, some of the literature used, most notably Coard’s work on the education of the West Indian child is written in quite an aggressive political style and is also included.Racism is of course a provocative and emotive subject. This dissertation however attempts to analyse the facts in a dispassionate manner as possible, looking at the recommendations of the reports and how they have been implemented rather than focussing on the politics of race and whether the recommendations and language of the reports would be acceptable two decades on. Similarly, the wording and definitions around issues such as culture, race and ethnicity may well have changed in the last twenty years, but the dissertation will use definitions as used at the time of the reports. The dissertation will not focus on providing detailed definitions of culture, race, ethnicity etc, an understanding of these issues is assumed and answering the issues in the dissertation title is given precedence.
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