东安格利亚代写Assignment 理论贡献

2017-01-26 15:44

本文的研究具有一定的理论贡献两方面;二是推论食品健康与口感的看法。 首先,这项工作有助于增长,但仍然有限,文献探讨,减肥食品相关的刺激反应的方式体。为研究显示,减肥者更可能使用启发式评估食品。此外,研究人员发现,在他们的研究中,减肥者更注重食物的unhealthfulness相关线索,而不是健康:当食物被赋予一个相对不健康的产品名称中有食物的健康节食倾向显著降低增加;然而,当食物被赋予一个相对健康产品名称,节食趋势没有知觉的健康食品项目的重大影响。 其次,本研究还表明,当提出一个项目分配一个相对不健康的产品名称;节食者推断项目比相同的项目分配一个更健康的产品名称不好吃。因此,感知健康和美味的健康的描述之间的关系可能比最初认为的更复杂,也许改变不仅信仰和信息因素对于食品的基础也是激励因素,如减肥目标。此外,其他研究表明,某些食品项目的健康可能会导致更有利的味觉感知。这些研究结果,以及本文的研究结果表明,不健康可能不适用于所有的上下文。研究探索消费者之间复杂关系的推论关于食品heathfulness和味觉是必要的。


The research of this article possesses two aspects of theoretical contributions; the two are inferences about foods’ healthfulness and taste perceptions.
Firstly, this work contributes to the growing, yet still limited, body of literature that explores the manner in which dieters respond to food-related stimuli. As the research shows, dieters are more likely to use heuristic processing when evaluating foods. Further, researchers found in their studies that dieters pay more attention to cues related to foods’ unhealthfulness, rather than healthfulness: when a food item was given a relatively unhealthy product name there was a significant decrease in the perceived healthfulness of the food item as dieting tendency increased; however, when the food item was given a relatively healthy product name, dieting tendency did not have a significant effect on perceived healthfulness of the food item.
Secondly, this research also demonstrates that when presented with an item assigned a relatively unhealthy product name; dieters infer that the item is less tasty than an identical item assigned a healthier product name. Thus, the relationship between perceived healthfulness and tastiness described by the unhealthy may be more complex than initially thought, perhaps changing on the basis of not only beliefs and informational factors regarding food items but also motivational factors, like weight-loss goals. Moreover other research has shown that framing certain food items as healthful may result in more favorable taste perceptions. These findings of those studies, along with the findings from the research of this article, suggest that the unhealthy may not apply across all contexts. Research that explores the complex relationship between consumer inferences about foods’ heathfulness and taste perception is warranted. 

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