Economics Assignment代写:阿根廷政府

2016-12-25 15:00



Economics Assignment代写:阿根廷政府

The second option that the Argentina government could look for the future development is natural economy where the government of the country will make efforts to increase the globalization, however controlling the renewable energies. The strategy may be termed as the continuation of the present strategy as the government of the country will increase its globalization efforts however will not work for renewable energies rather than the existing technology that are available in the country will be utilized.
Although this strategy will enable the country to accomplish high GDP growth, however unlike the first recommended strategy, this strategy is essentially lesser consistent as this strategy is short-term in nature. The country could accomplish its macro-economic targets for shorter period of time by implementing natural economy that will help the country to fight the rising inflation as well unemployment in the country, however such measures will be temporary in nature. The global non-profit organization as well as non-profit organization working for the safety of environment will criticize the country and Anglo-Western countries may boycott the exports of Argentina by not meeting the environmental standards. In addition, this strategy is risky in a sense that the future of the country will be at stake as the country after a very short-period of time will not be in position to effectively compete in the global world where organization will compete on the basis of competitive advantage it possessed.