Economics Assignment代写:澳洲运输

2017-01-14 08:02

Economics Assignment 代写 澳洲运输

Australian overloaded rail transport is world-famous .Government support for the construction of transportation and infrastructure systems. Government appears as the resource providers; formulate regulations and policies to ensure normal transport, such as height requirements of environmental protection and tax provisions. It decides the ability of roads to respond to Australia’s transport task that the willingness of Governments to collect taxes and provide funds to the ‘right’ roads.
Economic Factors: The Australian economy has maintained a continuing trend, foreign trade developed,which pillar industry is coal and mining industry. With the global coal, iron ore and other mineral resources increased demand, especially in the fast-growing Asian economies, such as China and India, resulting in the national freight increased demand. Although China's economic growth is slowing down, but there are still many infrastructure projects, the demand for coal, iron ore and other important mineral resources are still increasing. Continued demand for mining, manufacturing and agriculture is expected to cause this freight task to double by 2020 (Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, 2012).
Expansion of market demands as the Australian freight market leader, it reaps huge benefits. Australia's GDP is growing year by year, the unemployment rate remained at a relatively stable numbers, and these are beneficial to the development of enterprises. Australia's inflation rate there is an upward trend, which also has some negative impact on the enterprise. The Australian Government introduced coal, iron ore taxation policies and the behavior of the iron ore export tariffs also have some impact on the freight.