Education Assignment代写:案例研究

2016-12-18 10:34



Education Assignment代写:案例研究

Case study research refers to “an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context”(Yin, 2003, P.13). As such, it’s best used to understand complex social issues. In this research, I just focused on a single person’s everyday life as an case study to explore and to gain insight into media convergence of newspaper. Methodologically, case rather than seeking generalization beyond that case (Stake,2000). In addition, it often relies on multiple qualitative data sources, such as documentation, archival records, interviews, and direct observations, to provide corroborating evidence on a phenomenon( Yin,2003).
In this research, I used a combination of the archival records (dairies) and interviews to address my research questions.Interviews have been called “one of the most powerful methods” in qualitative research because they allow investigators to “step into the mind of another person, so see and experience the world as they so themselves”( MC Cracknel, 1988, p.9). Also participants are can tell their experience and even discuss the details. So the interviews and records will enable us to better understand the transforming of media convergence of newspapers and its effect on people’s everyday life.