Environmental Sciences 代写:教育环境

2017-04-28 00:50

环境被认为是周围的社会环境,如学生的生活条件,朋友,家人,同龄人之间的关系…区块准备小组,2008)。除了来自大学内部的因素外,还有很多因素影响着学生。其中有一些背景的学生,影响家长,家庭财务状况,暴力事件的影响,对学生的身心健康(E. KOPPICH n.d)。首先,证实了学生成长过程中的环境是其学业成就的重要条件。在教育机会均等(1966)中,发现父母的教育程度是他们子女的最强动力。换句话说,父母真的是一个好的镜子,让他们的孩子特别是学习。因此,作者也表明,对于来自家庭的学生来说,他们将获得更多的学业成功机会,为他们提供监督、支持和学习的愿望。很明显,父母的影响是影响学生取得成功的一个重要因素。正如所说的关于家庭及其问题,有影响的家庭也影响学生的经济或财务状况,他们的家庭。具体而言,它表明,一个学生在大学里是一个性能良好的来自一个固定的家庭财务状况可以退出大学拉学生,自信来获取更多的知识和感觉舒适为重点实现他们的学术成就。因此,人们必须把贫困作为学生学习生活的薄弱环节。此外,健康状况如身体健康和心理健康对学生也很重要。丰富、强烈的身心健康是影响学生学业成绩的重要因素,这明显表现在学生的出勤率和学生学习注意力不集中。最后一个因素是暴力对学习生活的影响。这些影响可能来自许多情况和形式,如父母之间的暴力,或一个来自生活环境,甚至学生可能是这个负面问题的受害者。无论它来自何方,无论它表现出什么形式,暴力的影响有很大的不良影响,对学生的生活结束他们的学习生活的期望。
Environmental Sciences 代写:教育环境
Environmental is considered as the social circumstance around the student such as conditions of living, relationships among friends, family, peers... (Block Preparation Team, 2008). Besides factors come from inside university, there are a lot of factors affect students. Some of them are background of students, influence of parent, family financial status, the impact of the violence, and Physical and mental health of students (E. KOPPICH n.d). For the first factor, it confirms that the environment of growing process of a student roles an important condition for his or her academic achievement. In Equality of Educational Opportunity (1966), it was found that the level of education of parents were the strongest momentum for their children. In another word, parents are really a good mirror for their children to follow especially in studying. As a result of this, author also showed that it is will be given more chances of achieving academic success for students come from family which provide supervision, support as well as aspiration of studying for them. It is obviously that parental influence is quite a affected factor for student to achieve their success. As being said about family and its issues, there is a impact of family also affect students is the economic or financial status of their family. Specifically, it is shown that a student has a good performance at university mostly come from a secured family financial status which can pull students from dropping out university, being confident to gather more knowledge and feeling comfortable in order to focus on achieve their academic success. The result of this is people must consecrate that poverty will take a weak aspect for students' studying life. Besides that, health conditions such as physical health and mental health are important for students too. A rich, strong of physical and mental health are the compulsory importance which affect strongly to prospects of academic success of students which is shown clearly at university attendance and inattention in studying of students. The last factor is about the influence of violence impact in study life. Those impacts can come from a lot of situations and forms such as violence between parents, or the one comes from the environmental of living or even students could be victims of this negative issue. Wherever it comes from and whatever it is shown in any forms, impact of violence has a great bad influence in having expectations about life of students concluding their studies life.
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