Film Studies Assignment 代写:transmission of visual culture

2017-01-12 05:55

To sum up, YouTube plays an important role in the transmission of visual culture. It is not only a simple form to spread visual culture, but also a varied lubricant in the progress of visual culture(Harmer, 2010, 350-351). Through self-creation and sharing videos on the Internet, cyber citizens can be able to enrich their own life and to broaden their horizon. On one hand, YouTube serves as a way to enable the Internet users to upload and share information by themselves regardless of copyright laws. This behavior does really stimulate users’ creativity in producing more and more interesting and significant videos on the Internet. On the other hand, YouTube is equal to a accelerator to promote the technological reformation in the world. That is to say, it is not just a simple component of visual culture but a powerful weapon to inject some vitality into the process of technological reformation. Because of YouTube or other similar web sites, more and more people tend to pay attention to the development of the on-line visual culture. There’s no denying that uploading and sharing videos on line is really a popular trend of Internet users in such a rapid developed world(Keelan, Pavri-Garcia, Tomlinson, & Wilson, 2007, 2482-2484). Technology works as a powerful platform for the public to communicate with thousands of people from all over the world, which is just the way that culture comes into effect. All in all, YouTube is a flag of uploading and sharing videos on the Internet in the world. With the help of YouTube, cyber citizens are capable of enriching their life and culture in an equal position. As a consequence, YouTube is actually a electronic platform to catalyze the communication of different culture in the world.

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