Finance Assignment代写 银行体系

2016-12-14 07:57


传统银行试图让人们满足他们的需求,所以他们创造了市场赚钱的(Soundarrajan和维韦克,2016)。他们需要从市场中获得利润,并提供贷款服务。伊斯兰银行专注于需求,他们为那些需要他们的人提供机会。伊斯兰银行不仅为大客户服务,而且为新兴和发展中的公司提供了机会。如果有好的投资机会出现 信用担保,伊斯兰银行将向公司提供贷款。它给机会发展公司或较差的个体,它帮助减少 社会 贫富之间的差距 (Azmat,Skully和Brown,2015)。

Finance Assignment代写 银行体系

In another way, social responsibility is the base of banking system, banking is a kind of way to establish social responsibility. Social responsibility of Islamic banks is embedded in the choices of lending object, investing projects and public welfare behavior.
Traditional banks try to get people satisfied with their demand, so they create market for earning money(Soundarrajan and Vivek, 2016). They need to get profit from market and provide loans services. Islamic banks focus on demand, they provide chances for people who need them. Not only are Islamic banks servicing for big customers, but also provide chances for emerging and developing companies. If credit guarantee with good investment opportunities arising, Islamic banks will offer a loan to companies. It give opportunities to the developing companies or poor individual, it help reduces the gap between rich and poor in society(Azmat, Skully and Brown, 2015).