Human Resource Assignment代写:认知能力测试

2017-02-24 13:17

认知能力测试采用不同的问题或如阅读、逻辑能力问题看曾的能力,推理和综合心理能力导致在许多不同类型的工作的成功。 利用该方法成功的绩效结果,是增加使用的许多组织。这是专门用于更专业的工作。有许多不同的方式来管理这些测试,例如通过纸笔或计算机化的方法。大多数公司使用这种方法,因为它是符合成本效益,不需要技能管理。通过使用认知能力测验的公司能够降低企业成本有不易进水的考生让假响应经理。当一个公司希望促进,雇用或培训一个人有能力作出决定,根据他们的技能和能力。 认知测试的缺点是,总是会有不同的答案或结果由不同的人或种族。因此,挑选工作的合适人选总是很费时的。组织必须仔细核实所有的结果并根据具体的工作进行选择,他们希望在做出最后的决定之前指派人。

Human Resource Assignment代写:认知能力测试

Cognitive abilities test is used to see onces abilities by using diffrent question or problems such as the abilities of reading, logic, reasoning and comprehensive mental abilities which leads to success in many diffrence kind of jobs.
By using this method the outcome of success of performance has increace and it is use by many organization. This is use especially for more specialized jobs. There are many various way to adminster these test for example by paper and pencil or computerized method. Most of the company use this method because it is cost effective and does not require skill administration. By using cognitive abilities test the company are able to reduce business cost as there are not easily influents by the test taker to impress the manager on fake responce. When ever a company wishes to promote, hire or train a person there are able to make a decision according to their skill and abilities.
Cons for cognitive test are that there will always be different answer or result by various person or race. As such it is always time consuming in picking out the right candidates for the job. The organization will have to carefully verify all the result and choose according to specific job, that they wish to assign the person before making the final and right decision.

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