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方法在订购包装股票-该方法用于订购股票的包装是相当不寻常的,因为它考虑到货币价值的包装要订购,但不是等级和需求的等级包装订购。这意味着管理不善,因为一个特定的等级可能仍然耗尽了库存,而另一个可能是在大量库存。包装材料的需求应根据不同等级的订单数量而不是假设所有等级的包装同时使用。 中国在中国–拨包装提供包装材料的生产提供了一个很好的协议,Adam Abel试图在塑料配件保护工作举行。在公司的最佳利益,外包的包装材料订单到中国公司将是一个节约成本的方法,为公司和管理层应把这个过程的最佳使用公司。此外,有一个巨大的税务减免,这项交易,管理层未能银行和管理,以提供另一个例子,管理不善的公司的进程。 失败的Charles Cain达到预期–Charles Cain被Adrian Snipp任命为一个公司,达不到预期的标准执行。在大约一年内,Charles Cain没有成功的结果产生的各种原因,反映管理不善,他的一部分,以及该公司及其管理的其余部分。 应对变化–有明显的管理不善有两名snibbo金属紧固件的操作。虽然他们应该是同步的,这是表明,Adam Abel作出修改,未经Charles Cain同意在公司内部的问题。


Method in the Ordering of Packaging Stock – The method used to order stock of packaging is rather unusual as it takes into account the monetary value of the packaging to be ordered but not the grade and demand for the grade of packaging ordered. This signifies mismanagement as a particular grade may still run out of stock, while another may be in abundance stock. The demand for packaging material should be based upon number of orders based on different grades and not assume that all grade packaging be used simultaneously.
Shifting Packaging to China – While China offers a good deal for providing packaging material production, Adam Abel is attempting to preserve the jobs held at Plastic Fittings. In the best interest of the company, outsourcing the packaging material orders to the Chinese company will be a cost saving method for the company and the management should channel this process to the best use for the company. Besides, there is a huge tax relief for this transaction that the management has failed to bank upon and managed to provide another example of mismanagement of the company’s processes.
Failure of Charles Cain to meet expectations – Charles Cain was appointed by Adrian Snipp to perform for a company that was not performing up to the standard expected of it. In about a year, Charles Cain has not been successful at producing the results for a variety of reasons reflecting mismanagement on his part as well as that of the company and the rest of its management.
Dealing with changes – There is obvious mismanagement in how the two directors of Snibbo Metal Fasteners operate. While they should be in sync with each other, it is indicated that Adam Abel makes changes without consent of Charles Cain over issues within the company.

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