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ACL具有强大的表达评价的能力从而使计算机领域的创作,即那些来自其他领域的计算,用公式和函数。命令可以批量执行请求。可以同时执行命令组以允许更有效的处理。命令日志中的所有命令和结果都会自动保存。这提供了核数师的工作审查的基础上,一组工作文件和未来的批量应用的潜在发展。ACL可以提取数据来创建用于进一步处理工作审核表,并将数据导出到其他应用程序,如MS Word。


ACL is a micro-computer implementation of the English-like Audit Command Language.  It has been designed primarily as a powerful auditing tool for easy access to and analysis of data. ACL has a number of key features.

ACL is installed on the auditor’s micro-computer and provides universal access to client data. The client’s data Tables are downloaded to the auditor’s computer and defined to the system so that data analysis is feasible. ACL provides access to all popular data formats, e.g. ASCII, EBCDIC, VAX float, binary, and packed decimal. ACL also supports the use of 9-track magnetic tape.

Commands are issued through selections from menus and submenus. Error messages notify the user if the required data for a command has not been entered correctly. Context-sensitive help is available along with a full Windows-style help system. Commands can also be executed interactively through the command log window (see later in these notes). ACL permits both sequential and direct access to data Tables. Sequential access involves a complete pass through the consecutive records in a data Table and suits most applications, e.g. Locating all records meeting specified criteria. Direct access permits the location of the first record meeting a criterion or containing a specified key field value (e.g. Product number).

ACL possesses powerful expression evaluation capabilities thereby allowing the creation of computed fields, i.e. those calculated from other fields, with formulae and functions. Commands may be batched and executed on request. Groups of commands may be executed concurrently to permit more efficient processing. All commands and results are automatically saved in the command log. This provides the auditor with the basis for review of work, a set of working papers and the potential development of future batch applications.  ACL can also extract data to create working audit Tables for further processing, and export data to other applications, e.g. MS Word.
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