利物浦代写论文 报纸的兴起

2016-12-18 10:32



面对“报纸消亡论”(Phelp Mayer,2005),媒介融合的趋势下,新闻界已采取相关措施。如果你去任何报纸的网页,你会发现,不仅传统的照片和文字,还有视频,音频和动画。那些在报纸上工作的人正在创造这些信息.。因此,事实上,新闻媒体的状态正在涌入。然而,事实并非如此,印刷媒体正在走向死亡.。它仅仅转变。另外一个人的日常生活受到其转变的影响。

利物浦代写论文 报纸的兴起

The rise of the newspaper was complied with the needs of society, which has a long history and also has the splendid achievements. But with the development of society, people’s living level raised, the requirement to the newspaper also increases. If newspapers don’t change, it won’t get messes favor, then affects the development of the press. Especially in modern times, the invention of radio and television and the development and popularization of internet to newspapers are deadly effect.
At the same time, modern technologies have given mass communication media the ability to adopt new forms of publication which was never explored before. Just as you can see, at the present time newspapers have the opportunity to include audio and video on their web publications. Also broadcast stations now have the opportunity to include text on their web publications. This approach to new types of new formats is what we call media convergence. Actually, the convergence phenomenon is most obvious in the newspaper industry. According to Cortada(2006), “The major activities of the newspaper can be summarized quickly. In the physical production of the newspaper, reporters gather and write up information, reporting on the events of the day or on more general topics. The editorial staff picks what stories to run, clean up the writing style, and decide how much emphasis to give a story by deciding where it is placed in the newspaper, the paper is composed, and the production unit sets up pages and prints the newspaper”(p.314) In recent years, however, newspapers have launched their online version.
Facing “newspaper disappearing theory” (Phelp Mayer, 2005) and under the trend of media convergence, the press has been adopting some relevant measures. If you go to any newspaper webpage, you will find not only the traditional phots and text, but also video, audio and even animation. The same people that worked at newspapers are creating all this information. So it is true that the state of news media is influx. What is not true, however, is that print media is dying. It’s merely transforming. Also an individual’s everyday life affected by its transforming is transforming accordingly.