伦敦代写Assignment 劳动力减少

2017-01-23 12:07


Joungtrakul, (2010) has pointed out that in the present era of globalization where the skilled labor force is diminishing with the passage of time, it is vital that an organization should adopt policies and procedure that could be termed supportive; however the organization will not be in position to attract and retain the cream talent. Joungtrakul, (2010) has further stressed that working with individuals having moderate skills results in moderate results accomplishment. Norlyk, (2010) has pointed out that it has always been dilemma for organizations in different parts of the world that what really motivate the human talent possessed by the organization, as the motivation factor not only vary from type of organization but also from individual to individual and time to time. With increase complexity and different types of motivation, an organization should consistently look for ways in which it could effectively motivate the human talent possessed by the organization and could lead towards the effective realization of the firm's long-term goals and objectives (Tonngton et al., 2008). 

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