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2016-12-22 10:50

使用的所有组织是否盈利利润等各种策略,进而使组织实现其长期的目标和目标(阿克,2003)。制订相应的策略的过程,然后实现这些策略通常是一个复杂的任务在一个组织中由于通常有各种各样的因素和力量,阻碍成功实施不同的策略,一个组织为了实现其长期的目标(希特et al .,2000)。一方面,之间有不同的环境因素,阻碍组织及其目标市场,另一方面有竞争对手一直采取不同的策略,使组织难以追逐它的长期目标(威尔逊et al .,2005)。


曼彻斯特代写Assignment 数码公司

All organizations whether for profit or not for profit used some sorts of strategies that in turn enable such organizations to accomplish its long-term goals and objectives (Aaker, 2003). The process of chalking out appropriate strategies and then implementing such strategies are usually a cumbersome task within an organization due to the fact that there are usually variety of factors and forces that impede the successful implementation of different strategies that could an organization towards the realization of its long-term goals and objectives (Hitt et al., 2000). On the one hand, there are different environmental factors that impede between an organization and its target market and on the other hand there are competitors who consistently adopt different strategies that make it difficult for the organization to chase its long-term goals (Wilson et al., 2005).
Realizing the significance of sound strategies in the success of business organizations, efforts will be directed in this paper to critically investigate the process of strategies that global computer and consumer electronics firms Apple has been using and how the strategies used by the organization has been enabling the firm to accomplish its long-term goals and objectives.  The paper has been grouped into two parts: in the first part of the paper, efforts will be directed to investigate that to what extent and how the strategy followed by Apple could be explained by the Porter's five forces analysis and the theory of positioning, while in the second part of the paper efforts will be directed towards projecting that how the present strategy of the firm could enable the organization get long-term success in computer and consumer electronics industry.