2017-01-24 12:18



Apple's future after the sad demise of Steve Jobs in the computer, personal media player, smartphone, and music publishing market look uncertain, as most of the experts are of the opinion that Apple's success was due to the leadership that the firm was enjoying. Tim Cook who has previously worked with Steve Jobs as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was leading the organization when Jobs were having health leave before (Stone, 2011). This paper will analyzes that whether Tim Cook is having the desired capabilities and talent that Steve Jobs had to operate successfully "the No.1 Company in terms of happy company"  (Choney, 2011). The paper will elaborates the succession plan that Steve Jobs uses when he was leading the organization during the last phase of his life. The team that Jobs created at Apple by Jobs were previously influenced and motivated by the legendary leadership of Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook has presumed that role, and whether Cook is successful or not in his job, only time will explore the true conditions, however there are certain factors that are unique in the leadership style of Tim Cook that was previously found in Jobs that made him a legendary leader in the corporate America. These factors are explored in detail next that describe why the choice of Tim Cook comes as a natural consequence and why the leadership of Tim Cook may be regarded as the continuation of Jobs leadership within the organization (Dignan, 2009).