2017-03-26 15:47

没有讨论的概念能力同意将不完整的链接的知情同意的概念。的介绍,简要定义引用知情同意。哥伦比亚百科全书(2005)提供了一个更完整的术语定义:“病人的…同意手术或医疗过程或其他疗程,鉴于后医生告诉病人所有的潜在收益,风险,和备选方案。”一个定义,建立了一个坚实的基础能力同意讨论的是“人的过程能力/能力同意,得到足够的信息后,到达一个合理的决定是否同意建议治疗或程序”(口腔卫生工具包,无日期)。 知情同意的概念的核心是三个requirements-voluntariness,知识,能力(里德,2001)。后者要求是这个讨论的主题。能力在知情同意的情况下,里德认为是“法律,而不是一个医学概念”是“病人的能力作出合理的决定。他表明,能力是“功能状态,不能直接连接到诊断、写作,它适用于人的能力或“能力”——一个特定的时间点。援引布坎南和布鲁克”轮(1999年,1989年)颞资格补充道:”能力的决心…是一个确定一个特定的人的能力来执行一个特定的决策任务在特定时间和特定条件下。
No discussion of the concept of competence to consent would be complete without linkage to the overarching concept of informed consent. In the introduction, a brief definition for informed consent was cited. The Columbia Encyclopedia (2005) furnishes a more complete definition for the term: “a patient's…consent to a surgical or medical procedure or other course of treatment, given after the physician has told the patient all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved.” A definition that establishes a firm foundation for the discussion of competence to consent is “the process whereby someone who has the capacity/competence to consent, having been given sufficient information, arrives at a reasoned decision as to whether or not to agree to a proposed therapy or procedure” (Oral Health Toolkit, n.d.).
Central to the concept of informed consent are three requirements—voluntariness, knowledge, and competence (Reid, 2001). The latter requirement is the topic of this discussion. Competence in the context of informed consent, which Reid contends is “a legal, not a medical concept” is “the patient’s ability to make a reasonable decision.” He suggests that competence is “a functional condition, not directly attached to diagnosis,” writing that it “applies to the person’s ability—or ‘capacity’—at a particular point in time.” Stenger (1999, citing Buchanan and Brock, 1989) adds to the temporal qualification: “A competence determination…is a determination of a particular person’s capacity to perform a particular decision-making task at a particular time and under specified conditions.