2017-01-05 23:32

Instead of using undifferentiated marketing strategy, Nestlé should utilize the segmentation approach where the product should be offered to the appropriate target market (Kotler & Armstrong, 2003). The characteristics of the market segment that the firm should target for the Nestlé Ski Strawberry and Raspberry Flavor should be health conscious consumers who are willing to pay premium prices for the healthy foods (Nestle, 2012). The demographic profile of the target market could be age bracket 16 to 34 that accounts for around 25% of the UK population. The total target population of the firm thus is around 16 million consumers living in different parts of the country (Mintel, 2009).
The positioning strategy that Nestlé could use for its Ski brand having Strawberry and Raspberry Flavor could be the health conscious consumers who wishes to purchase foods that has lesser amounts of fats but the soar taste of such yogurt remain a big issue for them. The product will offer the same product benefits with the pleasing taste that combine Strawberry and Raspberry Flavors. The communication strategy that the firm could utilize is to create excitement by communicating the enjoyment associated with the use of product and health and nutrition benefits that the product provide along with the pleasing taste of Strawberry and Raspberry Flavor. In addition, the communication messages should be tailored to deliver the freshness associated with the product along with the value-added benefits and the prestige brand image of Nestlé Ski (Nestle, 2012).  

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