明尼苏达代写Assignment 数据挖掘

2016-12-20 11:29

数据挖掘可以与用户或知识库交互。例如,使用管理系统的数据库搜索的记录或通过互联网寻找一个特定的web页面的搜索引擎属于信息检索的任务。虽然这些任务是重要的,可能涉及使用复杂的计算和数据结构,它们主要依赖传统的计算机科学技术和数据的明显特征来建立索引结构,从而有效地组织和搜索信息。在数据挖掘过程中,私人数据的位置信息和知识与数据挖掘具有啤酒等敏感的原始数据的商业价值的身份,姓名、地址和爱好可以利用数据挖掘技术进行管理。此外,敏感的知识可以通过数据挖掘工具。一个显而易见的情况是,苹果最终决定清洁谷歌地图在IOS 6中,但其效率低下的地图表明苹果在这方面是一个门外汉。

很明显,苹果是充分的准备。然而,苹果的急于削减依赖谷歌地图是巨大的商机的用户的位置数据。真正的原因是数据的控制权,而苹果公司并不是唯一这样的意图。微软最近达成了一项协议,允许诺基亚地图服务的所有8 Windows Phone手机登录。早在2010年,谷歌对摩托罗拉施加压力,迫使后者采用谷歌的地理位置数据,并与谷歌的竞争对手Skyhook放弃合作。像其他操作系统开发,苹果公司承认的重要价值用户的位置。苹果公司声称它不会追踪用户的位置,即苹果不会收集用户相关的特定的设备信息。例如,语音助理Siri可以提醒用户近回家或离开之前回家。和存折的最新版本的应用程序可以显示相关机场登机信息后用户的到来。

明尼苏达代写Assignment 数据挖掘

Data mining can interact with users or knowledge base. For example, using management system of data base in search of an individual record or looking for a specific web page through the internet’s search engine belongs to the tasks of information retrieval. Though these tasks are important which may involve using complex calculation and data structure, they mainly rely on traditional computer scientific technology and the obvious features of data to establish index structure so as to organize and search information efficiently. During data mining, location information of the private data and knowledge with data mining done possesses lager commercial value for the sensitive original data such as identity, name, address and hobby can be managed by using data mining technology. Moreover, sensitive knowledge can be obtained through data mining tool. An obvious case is that Apple eventually determines to clean Google Map in IOS 6, but its own inefficient map indicates Apple is a layman in this regard.

Obviously, Apple is fully prepared. However, Apple’s eagerness to cut its reliance on Google Map is the immense business opportunity veiled in users’ location data. The real reason is the control power of data, whereas Apple isn’t the only company with such an intention. Microsoft has recently reached an agreement to allow Nokia’s map service log on all Windows Phone 8 phones. Back in 2010, Google had put pressure on Motorola, forcing the latter to adopt Google’s geographic position data and give up its cooperation with Google’s rival Skyhook. Like other operating system developer, Apple has recognized the important value of user’s location. Apple claims that it won’t track user’s location, namely Apple won't collect specific equipment information related to users. For example, voice assistant Siri can remind it before user nearly returns home or leaves home. And the latest version of Passbook application can display relevant boarding information after user’s arrival at the airport.