2017-02-19 14:55



The questionnaire was distributed to people in Perth. After eliminating some incomplete questionnaires out, we could get the data for 150 Australian people, then the data was transformed from paper to excel file, in order to prepare for analyzing in SPSS program. Finally the data was interpreted to check for the hypothesis. This part will analyze results of demographic and socio-economic factors that affect on Australian respondents’ Holden car purchase decisions in terms of four Ps Marketing mix. It will examine that Australian consumers with different demographics will have different attitudes toward the next Holden car purchase on the factor of 4Ps Marketing mix. HYPOTHESIS 1: Australian consumers with different genders will have different influences on Australian’ attitudes in the next Holden car purchase. As shown in table 1 , when t-test or Independent Sample t-test was conducted on this Hypothesis, there is a significant difference between genders to product (0.002) , and genders to the dealer service (Sig. = 0.042). Therefore, Australian consumer with different genders will have different influences on attitudes toward the next Holden car purchase on product, dealer service. The mean level of female (x=3.83) is higher than male (x=3.59) in product factor. The mean level of female (x=3.84) was also higher than male (x=3.65) in dealer service attribute. Female respondents considered on product and dealer service more than male.