2017-04-29 00:04

Teachers should highlight the student's progress and not the deficiency in giving out the feedback as this provides a higher personal efficacy, increasing proficient analytic thinking, increasing aspirations for more achievement, greater personal satisfaction, and a higher consequent performance. The effective feedback processes which include motivation, engagement and the increased effort of the students learning is a great motivator of the students learning. It involves cognitive and comprehensive processes which include streamlining student's understandings and students confirmation whether they are correct or incorrect on the particular activity. This further assists the students in analyzing their learning capabilities as there is a clear indication whether more information is available or needed and gives the directions on which students could pursue (Cheng, 2010).In promoting learning the schools should take the less managerial perception of successful feedback creation and instead engage in the development of diverse views and practices. This involves the creation of the effective dialogue on which the feedback nature is usefully exploited by both parties. The students freely express and manage their expectations thus better understanding of the parties practices and perception are gained.