Nursing Assignment 代写:example

2017-01-13 10:02

Mark suffers from great physical trauma from the injury. CT scan is adopted so as to detect potential risk in the spine, which appears to be common problem of falls from height. The physician inserts a triple lumen central line and a large bore peripheral line in the right cephalic vein because overall control of Mark’s circulation is beyond doubt urgent due to blood loss in the accident. (Cole, 2009) Besides, subcutaneous infusion is designed to remit his physical pain and control relative circulation problems such as blood pressure.
According to the monitors, Mark is gradually recovering stable. The ABP is 95/50, MAP 65 mmHg, HR 130 bpm, Resps 28 brpm, CVP -3 mmHg (normal 2-6 mm Hg.) and ECG is Sinus Tachycardia with the very occasional VEB (1:50) Bleeding from compound fracture sites and other sites are well contained and covered. Basically, relative circulation and breathing problems are gradually under control. Cumminuted fractures remain serious problem. His bilateral tibial and fibulas mid shaft suffer from severe compound fractures. And displacement of L femoral head is also diagnosed. Without evidence of spinal injury or skull fracture, Mark is transferred to CaT with ED escort at 1425hrs.
The main task of Emergency Department care is to remove life-threatening risks and problems of the victim. As the situation of Mark is gradually developing stable, further step of healing is in demand to provide more necessary care for his injury. In the discharge phase, a few points are to be considered. Discharge transfer means mobilization and flexibility. In consequence, Mark must be stable and safe to be moved. Besides, as his wife has arrived at the hospital, he can be accompanied with all the way.

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