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欧洲大部分地区的少数民族都在宣布自己的立场,而犹太人社区需要承认这一点所引发的问题,一般已经蔓延到其他因生活方式、种族或性别而被边缘化的群体。关于互惠主义的激烈辩论所构成的威胁的主题令欧洲大多数人担忧。在过去几个世纪的大部分时间里,政策的主要目的是维护多数人的地位及其对少数群体的统治。这种隔离至少令人担忧,受害文化是争取平等和多元文化主义如此强大的主要原因。法国总统尼古拉斯·萨科齐驱逐罗马尼亚移民违反欧盟法律就是最好的例证罗马尼亚是欧盟成员国。这一行动本应证明有必要对萨科齐采取行动,但欧盟只是睁一只眼闭一只眼,无所作为。这意味着,即使是欧盟也感到,自由主义国家已经到了不能继续特别关注本国少数群体的地步,现代哲学家迄今一致认为,多元文化和政治正确性是自由民主的重要因素。正如美国宪法保障言论自由、平等和追求幸福一样,欧洲人权法院禁止民选政府干涉旨在给公民带来进步的原则。然而,萨科齐驱逐罗马尼亚移民以及欧盟未能采取行动,显示出欧洲人权法院的声望正在下降。这主要是因为高级精英价值观的垂死吸引力是行不通的。大多数人宁愿自己判断什么是对的,什么是错的。政治上正确的自由主义共识被认为是天真的和马克思主义的。在荷兰,领导荷兰民族主义党的吉尔特威尔德斯(Geert Wilders)以呼吁政府驱逐穆斯林而闻名,因为正如他声称的那样,他们只是根据欧洲人权法院天真的法令摧毁了这个国家。
Minorities in most of Europe are declaring their position, and what was sparked off by a need for recognition by the Jewish community has generally spread to other groups which are marginalized because of their lifestyle, race or gender. The themes of the threats posed by the intense debate on mutliculuralism are worrying the majority populations in Europe. The main aim of policy over most of the last centuries have been to assert the position of the majority and their dominion over the minority groups. This segregation is worrying at the least and the culture of victimization is the main reason why the struggle for equality and multiculturalism is so powerful.The dying sentiment about multiculturalism in Europe is best exemplified by French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s expulsion of Romanian immigrants which was against the EU laws because Romania is an EU member. The action would have warranted the need to take action against Sarkozy but the EU simply turned a blind eye and did nothing. This implied that even the EU feels that the liberal states have reached a point where they can not afford to keep on giving special attention to minority groups in their countries.Modern philosophers so far agree on the fact that multiculturalism and political correctness are important elements in a liberal democracy. Just like the American Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, equality, and pursuit of happiness, the European Court of Human Rights forbids elected governments from interfering with principles aimed at bringing about progress to the citizens. Sarkozy’s expulsion of Romanian immigrants, and the EU’s failure to take action, however shows the decreasing popularity of the European Court of Human Rights. This is mainly because of the dying appeal of advanced elite values that are unworkable. Most people would prefer to be their own judges of what is right and what is wrong. Politically correct liberal consensus is seen as naive and Marxist. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders who heads the Dutch Nationalist party is known for calling on the government to evict Muslims because, as he alleges, they are destroying the country just on the basis of naive decrees from the European Court of Human Rights.
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