普渡大学代写Assignment 市场营销论文

2017-01-04 11:49

Essentially the Nestlé Ski is a brand of yogurt that is targeted towards young male and female due to its pleasant taste. In order to augments the organization's position in the UK yogurt industry; the organization will add a new flavor which will be the combination of Strawberry and Raspberry. Besides the flavor the other characteristics of the product will remain all the same that include the same packaging size, less than 1% fats, and research product that add to the digestion (Nestle, 2012). The new product of the firm could be regarded as a mouth-watering treat that combine the pleasing tastes of Strawberry and Raspberry in sweet creamy yogurt. Essentially the product is intended to eradicate the sore taste problems that are associated with the existing range of Nestlé Ski yogurt available in the market (Danone, 2012).

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