德克萨斯代写Assignment 服务水准

2017-01-07 06:30

In case the organization failed to provide the appropriate level of services to its target market, the organization may be successful during the short-period of time, however such a strategy is no guarantee that the organization will remain successful in the long-run (Hasemark & Albinson, 2004). When the organization will be having a customer's focus approach the firm will not be in position to provide appropriate level of car washing services that the organization is more interested in, the firm will also be in position to make the needed modification in the level of its services according to the changing consumer's needs and wants. This is due to the fact that essentially marketing management within an organization operate in an environment characterized by changing environmental factors and the success depends on the level of adaptation that the firm need due to changes in such environmental factors that impact a firm ability to provide better quality services to its target market (Unruh, 2004).
Increasingly, business organizations regard the customer's satisfaction as everybody business, and a business organization could only accomplish the competitive advantage in terms of customer's relationship when the satisfaction of customer's is everybody business. According to prominent marketing researchers, Peters and Peters (1987) “listening to customers must become everyone’s business, with most competitors moving ever faster; the race will go to those who listen and respond more intently”. The system that most of the business organizations utilized is known as customer relationship management, which according to Shani & Chalasani (1992) is “an integrated effort to identify, maintain, and build up a network with individual consumers and to continuously strengthen the network for the mutual benefit of both sides, through interactive, individualized and value-added contacts over a long period of time”. 

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