2017-01-11 07:20

There are several factors leading to the cross-culture management, they could be concluded to five aspects, competition, customers, government, technology and marketing. First, Cross culture management is driven by the open trading system and group, new level of productivity and cost effectiveness in many nations, which cause the competition among nations and regions. Second, there are many customers with demand for immediate availability and consistent high quality goods and services, so cross culture management is necessary. Third, in the trade event, some policies are drawn up by the government, such as licenses, import/export regulations, tariff, quota marketing and advertising laws etc., so the coordination among cultures is needed. Fourth, the adoption of technology will result that the economies become greater interdependence, competition changes, consumer voice increases, product development cycle altered. At last, the emerging market with new opportunities and challenges, soft market forcing rethinking and strategies and domestic market saturation forcing development of new market lead to the cross culture management. 

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