2017-05-01 02:48

As for summative evaluation, Fox Valley Technical College(2007) describe it as process that concerns final evaluation to ask if the project or program met its goals. It is cumulative in nature. It concentrates on learner outcomes rather than only the program of instruction where the aim is to determine the user's mastery and understanding of information, concept, skill or process. Ongoing summative assessment represents important tools for monitoring the progress across time. There are various method of summative assessment such as demonstration, licensing, internship, portfolio or clinical. Summative evaluation is typically quantitative, using numeric scores or letter grades to assess learner achievement. In a sense, it lets the learner know "how they did" and "how good they are" However, there's more to it. By looking at how the learner's did, it helps to know whether the product teaches what it is supposed to teach and how efficient it is.Here the courseware will be using formative evaluation method. By using formative evaluation, the current English courseware functionality can be assessed to find out whether its working to perfectly or not.. Even if the courseware is working properly, it won't fulfill its objectives if the user (in this case student) don't like it or having problem in using it. By using formative evaluation method, user feedback can be recorded and area of improvement can be found. In conclusion, formative evaluation method will assess the courseware from two perspectives; the courseware functionality and user feedback. Both will greatly help in the enhancement process of the current courseware.
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