Marketing Assignment:化妆品市场

2017-01-28 00:39

Marketing Assignment代写:化妆品市场
化妆品市场在英国以及世界的其他部分已经被大型跨国企业,包括企业如宝洁(P&G)捕获,欧莱雅,妮维雅,Elisabeth,Lacome,最大的因素,香奈儿和资生堂点组织情况(公司,2010)。基本上这些机构大部分是在1900s有超过一个世纪的市场经验加上覆盖全球,取得了强大的市场垄断竞争市场(Euromonitor,2010)。因此,在市场上的成功取决于如何成功的组织区分其提供的市场参与者和如何有效地沟通这种分化到目标市场的组织。在化妆品和个人护理市场的品牌识别和品牌忠诚度往往很高,大部分的市场参与者的策略是指向创作和市场品牌忠诚度维持(资生堂,2011)。 大多数目标市场的行业是女性,虽然男性市场,他们实现他们的培训需求是新兴的一种在未来的强大的潜在市场,但是市场主体存在的浓度在女性市场的人表现出很强的品牌忠诚度和不同产品的习惯性使用。在分类广告往往占主导地位的广告世界,和大部分的黄金时段的广告经验对于产品销售的行业参与者(Datamonitor,2010)。市场主体不断创新他们的产品在不同的层面上保持竞争力,在市场上保持领先的创新。现有的市场主体之间的竞争也作为进入壁垒,特别是在全球层面。总体而言,现有的市场参与者之间的竞争可以被称为非常高的化妆品和个人护理行业。

Marketing Assignment:化妆品市场
The cosmetics market in UK as well as other parts of the world has been captured by large multinationals that includes firms like Proctor & Gamble (P&G), L'Oreal, Lacome, Nivea, Elisabeth, Max Factor, Chanel and the case in point organization Shiseido (DataMonitor, 2010). Essentially most of these organizations that were found before 1900s are having more than a century market experience plus a global coverage that has made the market a strong monopolistic competition market (Euromonitor, 2010). The success in the market thus rest on how successfully the organization differentiate its offering from the rest of the market player and how effectively communicate such differentiation to the target market of the organization. Brand recognition and brand loyalty in the cosmetics and personal care market tend to be very high and most of the strategies of the market player are directed towards the creations and sustaining of brand loyalty in the market (Shiseido, 2011).
Most of the target markets for the industry are female although the male market, who realizes their grooming needs are emerging as a market with strong potential in the future, however the existing concentrations of the market players are on the female market who exhibit strong brand loyalty and habitual use for different products. The advertising spent in the category tend to dominate the advertising world, and most of the advertising experienced during the prime time are regarding the products marketed by the industry players (DataMonitor, 2010). The market players are consistently innovating their offerings on different dimensions as to remain competitive in the market means to remain leader in the innovation. The existing competition between the market players is also serving as entry barrier particularly at global level. Overall the rivalry amongst the existing market player could be termed as very high in the cosmetics and personal care industry.