俄亥俄Ohio论文代写 新闻实验室

2016-12-17 10:34



当一个参与者到达视频效果的实验室,他被要求从袋子里拿起一个识别码。识别码由一个字母(A / B)的范围内,和一些从1-80(例如,一/ 1),这是随机分配的基础。然后,研究者在参与者阅读并签署同意书后,将同意表交给参与者并收集同意表.。接下来,研究者向参与者解释实验程序(见,实验协议附录D)。后来,她提出了模拟约会网站的参与者在实验室的iMac电脑浏览视频



俄亥俄Ohio论文代写 新闻实验室

After obtaining the permission from the professor teaching the class, the researcher briefly introduced the experiment as a human/computer interaction study to the class and invited participants to take part in the experiment.  The researcher distributed sign-up sheets to the students in class, asking them to choose a time to participate.  Participants were tested in the Veridical Information Detection Systems
(ViDS) Effects Lab in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. The researcher administered the procedures of each condition to all participants, who were randomly assigned to a condition.  
When a participant arrived at the ViDS effects lab, s/he was asked to pick up an identification code from a bag. The identification code consists of a letter (A/B), and a number within a range from 1-80 (e.g., A/1), which was the basis of random assignment. Then, the researcher handed out the consent form to the participants and collected the consent form after the participant read and signed it.  Next, the researcher explained the experimental procedure to the participant (see, Appendix D for the experimental protocol).  Later, she presented the mock-up dating site to participants for browsing on an iMac computer in the ViDS Lab.   
Only for the experimental group, the researcher also presented an electronic scale and a measuring tape to the participants besides the dating site, while informing the participants that their height and weight would be measured, and they would also be asked other questions after they finished filling out their information in the questionnaire.  Three minutes later, the researcher distributed a questionnaire to subject, explaining that participant needs to fill out their information by hand to avoid adding new data to the website because the tech team was currently studying varying datasets to test algorithms input prediction relationships while any new data added would change their datasets.
After participants complete the questionnaire, the researcher collected them and read the debriefing text (see, Appendix F for debriefing text) for the participants explaining the purpose of the study. Afterward, participants were thanked for their participation and asked not to discuss the content of the experiment after they were told in class that the study had been completed (see, Appendix D for the experiment protocol).